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As a young costume designer in New York, Rachel Comey found herself a loyal cult following designing menswear for local musicians. Naturally, as she decided to roll out a women’s RTW collection, her base expanded accordingly.

The latest collection by Comey features boxy, billowing silhouette’s in easy-going cotton twills and heavy enzyme washed linens. Many of the styles seem to draw inspiration from menswear, calling back to her start as a designer. Pleating is used throughout the line to add volume and create a “playful, care-free look”, a vibe that is prominent throughout this collection. For those who don’t feel represented by other high fashion brands, Rachel Comey offers the perfect respite.

Though Rachel began her career as a menswear designer, her educational focus is in sculpture, and it’s this that seems to influence how she’s progressed in fashion. Rather than following the status quo, Comey has forged her own path since the beginning, gaining her fans in the likes of Maya Rudolph and Michelle Obama.

Above all, Comey has gained significant traction among everyone from celebrities to every day women due to her functional designs, craftsmanship, and original prints.

All woven garments are made in midtown Manhattan while knitwear and footwear is made in Peru.

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