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Aumorfia is a project of Theano Ravazoula-Potamianou, founded in 2014 when she had the desire to create a product outside of the services she already offered. Her knowledge consisted of interior and graphic design with a deco-stylist background in interior design, lifestyle magazines and campaigns. She is also the co-founder of visual bytes; a 2D/3D Design and Visualization office with a diverse portfolio including numerous collaborations in architectural, interior, and industrial design projects. Aumorfia pieces are undeniably inspired by the mediums Theano works with in her professional career. Theano sees her pieces as compliments to clothing, almost flirting with the garments and enhancing the personality of the wearer. This philosophy is unlike that of most jewelry and accessories, making Aumorfia uniquely individual in comparison.Black leather cuff set against white background.

With a commitment to supporting local artisans and ethical fashion, Theano utilizes vegetable tanned leathers from Greek tanneries, collaborates with Greek craftsmen, uses local made materials, and produces everything in Greece by hand in Athens the Ionian islands. From these workshops come leather adornments that intimately mold to the body of the wearer. Marked by long silhouettes, sharp cuts, luxuriously soft leather, and geometric shapes; one should also gather the subtle occultism of it all.Model sitting and posing wearing a white top against a white background. Over the white top the model is wearing a leather choker and a leather waist belt.

Aumorfia is meant to complement all clothing and personalities, acting as an extension of one's clothes and body. Growing old with us, and accepting the same love and care we give our own skin. Aumorfia produces pieces that will age with us and our clothes.

Person modeling black leather cuff jewelry worn on wrist, set in black and white.

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