10.03.53 is a brand of leather goods that is born out of feeling and experience that fashion is gradually moving away from the passion of its protagonists and from the expectations of its customers. Created by Luca Colosimo, a leather goods stylist and accessory designer for more than ten years who has worked in many prestigious fashion houses, such as Céline, Isabel Marant and Gucci. 10.03.53 is inspired by moving human bodies and contemporary architecture with mechanical touches, made in a sustainable way.

10.03.53 seeks to re-define the way in which we look at bags. A timeless and endearing object formed from the union of functionality, innovation and proportionality. A gender neutral and durable extension of the human body is crafted from beautiful up-cycled leather available in limited exclusive collections.

“The intention is to create bags that are recognized for their technical and functional characteristics and appreciated for their innovative and aesthetic harmony.”