10.03.53, founded by Luca Colosimo, a seasoned leather goods stylist and accessory designer with over a decade of experience in renowned fashion houses like Céline, Isabel Marant, and Gucci, emerges as a distinctive brand of leather goods rooted in the belief that contemporary fashion is veering away from the passion of its creators and the expectations of its clientele. Drawing inspiration from the fluidity of human movement and the sleek lines of modern architecture infused with mechanical elements, 10.03.53 is committed to sustainable practices. The brand seeks to redefine the perception of bags, presenting them as timeless and cherished artifacts born from the fusion of functionality, innovation, and proportionality. Crafted from exquisite up-cycled leather in limited exclusive collections, these gender-neutral and enduring extensions of the human body encapsulate the vision of creating accessories recognized for their technical prowess and functional attributes, celebrated for their innovative design and aesthetic harmony.