Brand Spotlight: Planet by Lauren G

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Lauren Grossman is a self-made woman who has created a brand to give women the clothing they’re looking for. Most garments from the brand are intended to fit and flatter many different bodies and garner the approval of a wide range of customers. This lifestyle way of dressing is size-less, season-less and age-less, while allowing the wearer to maintain comfort and style. Lauren's way of designing what would usually be defined as "oversized" is done in a way that is much more chic and sophisticated.

The collection has an air of off-duty street style, although Lauren is very in touch with her customer's desire for elegance and comfort above all else. Curve-grazing silhouette's accentuate the body without revealing too much. Her designs are cut from luxuriously textured fabrics that elevate the pieces to a place of modern refinement.

Lauren works with Irish handkerchief linen, pima-cotton, matte jersey, washable vegan leathers, washed silk organza and nylon. Together the fabrics and styles enhance many figures. The quality of the fabrics can be seen and felt and add to the overall flattering of each body. Modern fabrics and combined with innovative textures to create a visually chic way of layering.

The size-less nature of these garments make them ideal for our ever-evolving bodies; these pieces can be enjoyed year after year regardless of how we may change and grow.

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