It's safe to say Amy Smilovic's styling series has taken the Instagram fashion enthusiasts world by storm. The brand's successful shift to give thoughtful styling experimentation advice is proof that it's filling a much needed gap within the industry. And since removing itself from department stores, Tibi is finally the epitome of a what it was meant to be; an intentional, buildable brand that's worth investing in. When we stocked Tibi pre-pandemic, and prior to Amy's come up on the social platform, we admired the brand just as much then for it's effortless runway styling and high-quality foundational pieces, or as she calls them now, her “Without Fails". What we like about Tibi post-pandemic is the sense of comfort mixed with curiosity each season — we know we can expect solid ‘without fails’ and are pleasantly taken by surprise with the colorways, fabrications, and details offered in each new collection. And since her style series, we now we have a solid vocabulary to reference when talking about our wardrobes needs and wants.
As Amy states on tibi.com, “A piece can have tremendous design attitude and still be so damn functional that you wear it as a basic. And, in fact, if a basic is meant to be worn a lot, then the last thing you want to feel “a lot” is basic…”
Idlewild invites you to not overlook these seemingly basic garments, after all, they might become your new without fails