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Drawing inspiration from art, architecture and global culture, CATH·S is built on minimalistic aesthetics: refined statement pieces beautify women. CATH·S jewelry expresses strong individuality through bold lines, geometric precision and great attention to details. 

From the beginning, CATH·S was dedicated to working with environmentally
and socially sensitive production methods. CATH·S provides employment for
master craftsmen in Italy and India, and a market for their work, contributing in
keeping alive the knowledge and skills of these talented people.

CATH·S jewelry expresses personality and emotion: exquisite handmade
pieces, evocative of modern luxury.

CATH·S ethical story
When buying our horn jewelry, you contribute to the living of farmers in Asia and
Africa. The animals are bred for meat and milk. The horns are not from
endangered species, but from domestic animals: a cow will never be killed for
the horns only, as the cows contribute to the everyday life of the farmers (dairy
and meat cattle, draught animals, riding animals).

Our contacts in these regions are Christian missionaries: through a well
controlled channel, they make sure the farmers are paid a very fair amount for
the horns. On the other hand our missionaries are experts in discerning good
quality horns, so we do receive the best horns available in the market at this
time. The horns arrive in Italy or India, where they are cleaned, disinfected, cut,
polished and made into jewelry by master craftsmen.

The black horn jewelry comes from the water buffalo, the white horn jewelry
comes from the zebu cow. Mixed black and white horn pieces, can come from
either animal.

Handmade in Italy, designed in Belgium.