Styling: Have you tried wearing it backwards?

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We believe that fashion should be fun! We see getting dressed as an exciting opportunity to both explore who you are and who you want to be - a chance each and every day to decide how you want to present yourself to the world. Each member of the Idlewild team has their own unique aesthetic, but one place we all converge is our love for finding new ways to wear our staple garments. Who says you can’t wear denim under a dress, sneakers with a gown, a crisp white t-shirt under a slip dress, or *gasp* mix and match patterns?! One of the easiest, and most overlooked, ways to switch up a garments style is to it backwards. By wearing a garment backwards you often find it has a new neckline, a new silhouette, and a whole new vibe.

New in from the brand Demmy is the Asymmetrical Side Slit Top in black! This top is specifically designed to be worn backwards or forwards. A button detail on the side also allows you to wear it unbuttoned as a fun piece to layer over, for example, a mesh long sleeve top!

Now with a totally different neckline, this blouse takes on a more classic, business-woman type of vibe!


The Rib Pleats Cardigan in black by Pleats Please buttons from top to bottom and offers multiple ways to wear. When worn normally, buttoned to the top, it features a mandarin collar and a flattering tunic length.

When worn backwards, the Rib Pleats Cardigan becomes a simple mock neck long sleeve, with the ability to be buttoned to the top, or unbuttoned for a sexy open-back look!


The Drifter Dress in spruce by Nicholas K is a best-seller at Idlewild! When worn normally it features a deep v-neck, making it the perfect dress for date night!


If the v-neck isn't your style, or you simply desire a more modest look for the day, turn the dress backwards! You now have a high neck line to style; much better for work or other more casual outings.


So much time goes into considering what pieces to add to our wardrobes. When we get creative with styling we can give our garments so much more life, and this is the key to finding longevity in our beloved, sustainable wardrobes!

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