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Carin Rodbjer founded her brand in New York in 2000, building her foundation on philosophy, as opposed to strictly business. Carin knew that she wanted to design clothing that women could really live in. Born and raised in Sweden she was surrounded by women who inspired her to create garments that could handle everything a working woman might experience in a day; from school drop off, to work meetings, to evening cocktails. With a deep respect for the planet we inhabit and the women who exist on it, she set about designing pieces to be cherished for a lifetime and beyond. Signature slouchy suits, draped caftans, and exciting prints have become a cult favorite in Carin’s stomping grounds of Scandinavia, and across the globe.

Rodebjer has committed itself to fostering mindful consumption habits, presenting collections that are lasting in both quality and style. Each new collection is built off of the last, the entirety of Rodebjer is tied together by conscious design. Sustainable and responsible practices, fabrics and initiatives are implemented in order to improve and extend each garment's life, and to limit the impact the business has on the environment. Production takes place in Italy, Portugal, and Lithuania.

Rodebjer remains inspired by counterculture and human rights movements and, above all, by passionate people with strong ideals and the courage to live by their own rules. Rodebjer is driven by purpose, fuelled by optimism, and united by the women who wear their designs.

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