BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Julie Clark Pottery

Posted by Sarah Evans on

Julie Clark keeps herself busy caring for the Historic Bear’s Mill and producing ceramics for her line Julie Clark Pottery in her home of Greenville, Ohio. It was this life of juggling time and creativity that Julie found impacted her designs the most. The modern, simple, and rustic aesthetic of her work evolved from her surroundings at the Mill and her cumulative experience gathered from her years of curating art, product design, executing installations, and traveling. Her participation in wood firing kiln efforts led to a continued pursuit of, and appreciation for, Japanese aesthetics.

Producing pieces that can be touched and used are essential to the line — a utilitarian piece that can be functionally incorporated into daily rituals creates a satisfying experience for the user and the maker. With that said, Julie also finds meaning creating pieces that simply nod to functionality. A sculptural form or vessel strategically placed in the home can add depth, awareness and definition to a space.

This set by Julie Clark is available in store, and the arrangement is included!

Julie’s work encompasses a multitude of inspirations collected from her experiences over the years. Whether purchasing a pair of earrings or a plate for your future entertainment plans, inviting a piece of Julie Clarks work into your space will invite in the world of inspiration behind it.

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