Brand Spotlight: Pleats Please

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It’s not often that a statement piece works double duty as a wardrobe staple, however, Pleats Please by Issey Miyake, has managed to find the sweet spot. Each Pleats Please collection offers a range of clothing that can be described as playful, classic, modern, chic; a list of characteristics that one brand doesn't usually encompass all at once. Miyake is sure to design with the minimalist AND maximalist in mind, for example a mustard high neck tunic with a wide flowy hem that could fit seamlessly in either wardrobe. Not to mention their inclusive sizing, based on length, that allows people of all body types to enjoy Miyake’s designs. Miyake impresses us with versatility every season.

Issey Miyake INC. philosophy is touted through every article of clothing and business venture pursued. Approaching traditional methods, materials, and techniques with modern technologies, the brand accomplishes unmatched innovative design. In the case of Pleats Please, Miyake worked with a textile engineer to find a way of creating clothing from a single thread that is knit into the final design. The final design is then subject to a unique way of garment pleating which uses heat to set pleats. This technique set the pleats permanently in the fabric, and was soon patented by the company. This approach makes Pleats Please the perfect choice for every setting in life, especially travel, due to it’s lightweight and wrinkle-proof fabric.


Since the launch in 1993 Pleats Please has stolen the hearts of creative pragmatic men and women everywhere. Ignoring the preconceived notions about fashion and production, Issey Miyake pushed the envelope to create exactly what he envisioned. Always looking to the future of what fashion could be has kept this designer at the forefront of the industry, but what has stolen our hearts is his ability to create practical clothing that simultaneously brings about joy in the wearer. 

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