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Pleats Please by Issey Miyake

First launched in the ISSEY MIYAKE line in 1988, this pleats line grew until it finally became a brand of its own with the launch of SPRING SUMMER 1994 Pleats Please collection. Issey Miyake developed the technique called “Finished Pleating” to create PLEATS PLEASE, which is 100% made in Japan. Unlike most pleated products, where the fabric is first pleated and then cut and sewn, a PLEATS PLEASE garment is first cut and sewn from the original fabric and pleated after the garment is sewn together, a patented technique unique to the brand. PLEATS PLEASE reflects Issey Miyake's fundamental concept that "design is not for philosophy, but for life," and continues to evolve today. We love Pleats Please for being totally unique in their designs and patterns, practicality, and versatility.