Brand Spotlight: Nicholas K

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Sister brother duo Nicholas & Christopher Kunz brought their collective experience to New York in 2003 to collaborate on the brand that became Nicholas K. Nicholas’s career path boasts equal involvement designing men’s and women’s wear, while Christopher’s knowledge is based in finance, marketing, and product design. Their backgrounds coalesce to offer a brand rooted in generations-old artisanal techniques, ultimately producing top quality garments best described as genderless, utilitarian streetwear.

The duo states that their biggest impact lies within encouraging their customers to educate themselves on the negative effect the fast fashion industry has on the planet. To set themselves apart, Nicholas and Christopher built their brand on the foundation of conscious design and let that ideology shape their process. They take initiative to give customers all the necessary information regarding their sustainability and ethics practices. Every step of their supply chain is outlined on their website in detail to offer total clarity for wearers.

Nicholas K is the antithesis of fast fashion. Providing season-less collections inspired by the designers’ purist lifestyles backed by supply chain transparency. Their progressive silhouettes tailored to the urban nomad will surely grab and retain our interest.

Nicholas K for Vogue

Nicholas K Spring 2020 Collection for Vogue

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