Founded in Mallorca, Spain, in 1975, Lorenzo Fluxa created Camper to respond to the demand for a new and fresh style of footwear. Lorenzo has a rich heritage in shoemaking, dating back to 1877 when his grandfather, Antonio Fluxa, a skilled cobbler, travelled from Mallorca to England and returned with the first sewing machines on the Island and a newfound spirit of innovation.

Camper's shoes are still designed and developed in Inca, in the rural heart of the island of Mallorca. Here, a young creative team works alongside artisans to create approximately 500 models each season, where they focus on using traceable natural materials and innovative new ones that are biodegradable, contain no toxic chemicals, and have the lowest possible impact on the environment and a goal of being carbon neutral by 2030. We love that their mission is to delight people with a playful, sustainable and responsible walking experience.