Welcome to Idlewild Journal

Posted by Ashley Rouster Rigby on

At Idlewild, we believe clothing should be an investment you make in yourself, your community, and our world; which is why we focus on ethically sourced and sustainably made garments, and carefully select designers that share our passion for quality over quantity. Here at Idlewild, we love helping you find the perfect outfit that makes you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside. We pride ourselves in offering wearable art that is timeless and versatile, pieces that you invest in because you love them now and will love them for years to come.

We love garments that can be transformed from formal to casual, office to outing, day to night, which is why we seek a blend of form and functionality in our selections. We are excited to invite you along on this journey as we explore and share here virtually. We will be delving into brands and why we love them, talking about designers and how they fit into Idlewild, sharing styling tips, introducing you to our team, and more! Thank you for joining the Idlewild community!

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