Brand Spotlight: Puro Secret

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Puro Secret was launched by Sibylle and Josef Scachi, an Austrian couple from the city of Salzburg. They have spent 50 years collectively within the fashion industry, spending a significant portion of that time within the shoe-making sector. The couple spent 10 years developing what would eventually become Puro Secret, an "incomparable selection of shoes" produced in Italy and Germany.


Puro Secret balances traditional construction methods with contemporary influences. An easy color palette of white black and grey is embraced through each design and the collection as a whole. Preserving their devotion to ethical production, natural renewable materials such as the highest quality leathers are sourced. Textures and designs, like embossing and hand-painted patterns, are added to leather to bring about different aesthetics while using familiar fabrics. Foam soles contribute to the shockingly lightweight nature of each pair of Puro's, perfect for all day and night wear.


Puro Secret does not simply design shoes, they aspire to create urban, sophisticated, wearable works of art. Special fasteners, valuable ornaments, and different genuine leathers make Puro Secret a well loved brand at Idlewild.


Comfort never sacrificed, wear these all day. Thoughtful, practical, unisex. Seen more as a work of art than as just a shoe.

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