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Creative Director of Kowtow Gosia Piatek started with a dream to save the world. With that lofty goal in mind, and no background in fashion, she was on track to design her basic-wear brand differently. Unlike brands who are just starting to alter their systems to align with sustainable practices, eco-conscious values are at the core of Kowtow.

Henri Roll Neck Sweater

Henri Roll Neck Sweater

To achieve this profound goal and preservation the planet, Gosia analyzed the supply chain of each of her materials, right down to the buttons sewn onto each shirt. Kowtow’s clothing doesn’t sacrifice values for design, and goes as far as producing their fabric in-house to ensure all materials meet their ideal. In addition to this, when your garment is slightly damaged it can be repaired for free through their repair program, even offering the Japanese patching known as Sashiko, a visible patching technique that's meant to add character to imperfections. Unique from many other brands, these repair services prove the dedication to the lifespan of garments that have been so painstakingly produced.

Alpine Pants in Black


Look closely at each piece in the collection and you’ll notice the application of classic stitches such as jersey, seed, and ribbing, to their organic cotton. These details are how they manage to create timeless staples with their sustainable fabrics. Their thoughtfully designed basics are quiet enough to layer under your favorite blazer or jacket, yet sophisticated enough to pair with more elegant statement pieces. The attention paid to the supply chain lends hand to these basics that are nothing but. Kowtow continues to set itself apart by consciously utilizing only sustainable fibers and ethical manufacturing.

Henri Crew

When the basics you own begin to show wear, we recommend you turn to Kowtow. When fast fashion basics are just that, turn to Kowtow. Build your wardrobe on multifunctional staples that will stand the test of trends, and wear and tear. Not to mention the peace of mind that follows knowing you and Kowtow helped “Preserve the Planet, Protect the People.”

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