BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Black owned brands

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At Idlewild, we strive to partner with independent designers and brands with a commitment to sustainability, ethics, and time-honored craftsmanship. Idlewild has committed to seek out and expand our selection of Black, Indigenous, and PoC owned brands, and designers. The acronym, BIPOC, is meant to include and emphasize the historic oppression of Black and Indigenous people. We’d like to start this month by specifically highlighting the Black owned brands you can shop at Idlewild.

We Dream in Colour

We Dream in Colour was founded and created by Jade Gedeon after an impressive art education. Showing artistic potential from a young age, even winning major awards for her work, Jade says she owes most of her inspiration to her many homes. Born in America, raised in Trinidad, and time spent at Pratt Institute and Denmark’s Design School, Jade’s work is visibly influenced by her well-traveled life. Jade’s designs are bold and eclectic, oftentimes showcasing recognizable natural motifs, such as ginkgo leaves, dragonflies, and mobiles of flora and fauna. No matter your style you’ll certainly find something in the collection to love from season to season! All work from We Dream in Colour is designed in Salem, MA by their in-house production team. The brand's environmental impact is considered from steps big to small.

Cris & Shawn

Cris & Shawn is a collection of contemporary earrings designed and produced by Crishana Manigan in Milford, Ohio. As a jewelry designer, her work embraces a minimal aesthetic by creating structural silhouettes with metal.Taking inspiration from her sketches, Crishana forms by hand using sheet metal and wire to manipulate an original flat dimension. The use of hammers, files, and flame help to create scale through shapes and movement in lines.The resulting work is an exploration of jewelry as lightweight wearable sculpture.

Model pictured posing against a cream background wearing bright blue eyeshadow, silver s shaped earrings, and a black dress with the sleeves pushed up. The model is sitting slouched against the background with their hands in their lap, staring at the floor.

District 78

District 78 started out as a creation for wedding presents in 2015, but now has become what founder Erikka Gray likes to call "a mood company." Based in Cincinnati, Erikka is a multi-entrepreneur with her wife, Britanni Gray (founder of non-profit Girls Health Period). and part of their Pause Cincy health and holistic brand. District 78 creates luxury 100% soy, double lead-free wick, candles. Each candle is hand-poured (with love) in Cincinnati, Ohio, and provide 40-50 hour burn times.

Stack of white candles in clear, square, glass jars. In black ink the jars say "District 78"

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