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Idlewild will be transforming into a ceramic gallery for an upcoming national ceramic conference hosted by Cincinnati. We'll be featuring the work of one of our owners, Julie Clark, and her fellow studio potters, Rita Wiley and Dionne Mayhew. World renowned ceramicists and collectors will be in our city during this week and we are excited to be on the list of exhibits.

March 12th — March 18th


A historic Darke County gristmill, a current of water, the millrace, and a pottery studio connect three potters. This exhibition features their connections and shared aesthetics, celebrating the individuality within those connections. The current of water carries them to Cincinnati where more creative connections have flourished...



  1. the channel carrying the current of water that drives a mill wheel


87 miles north of Cincinnati, are a ceramic studio and gallery sitting next to a millrace that powers a historic water-powered flour mill. The source of the water is the Greenville Creek, a designated scenic river. The current flows past the ceramic studio, gallery and mill, continuing south and connecting to the Ohio River and Cincinnati.

Water-powered mills used to be abundant along the creeks of Ohio and often were located where natural beauty abounds. One such place still exists and has served as inspiration for three potters — the Millrace Potters — Julie Clark, Rita Wiley, and Dionne Mayhew.

CONNECTIONS and the Millrace Potters: The mill and the millrace were integral in forging their lifelong connection. The sharing of studio, clays, and glazes intersects with their individual aesthetics, forming a common thread in their work. This exhibition features the connections that the three share, while celebrating the individuality within those connections. Each potter’s work will be displayed separately inside the gallery space to honor the differences while observing the shared aesthetics. 

CONNECTIONS and Cincinnati: One potter's daughter chose to make Cincinnati her home after graduating from University of Cincinnati Design Art Architecture Program in Fashion Design. She now co-owns a multi brand designer clothing store in Over The Rhine area of Cincinnati with her cousin and potter-mother. The store has a gallery feel and at times features her mother’s ceramic works. Like the current that carries the Greenville Creek to the Ohio River, the potters have made their way to Cincinnati and its artistic milieu.


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