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Idlewild has welcomed in a few new pieces from Rodebjer’s Spring Summer 2021 collection. Inspired by a visit to a friend in Kyiv, designer Carin Rodebjer, provides photos from the trip that look almost frozen in time. Although the photos look like they're set in the 1970's the garments from the newest collection could fit right in.

1970's style dining room in Kyiv.

Vintage motifs are reimagined in modern fabrics, colorways, and functional sets that borderline on “sporty”. Athletic cuts are juxtaposed by feminine skirts and patterns. Rodebjer says, “Craft, collaboration, and responsible sourcing drove the direction [of the 2021 collection].”

credit Benedict Brink
The collection also features prints designed in house, that take cues from artwork by Ukranian photographer Paraska Plytka-Horystvit. Paraska’s photographs feature subjects participating in everyday life in the Hutsul village of Kryvorivnia. One could speculate that some inspiration was drawn from the clothing worn by said subjects, in terms of certain silhouettes and aesthetics.
Black and white portrait of Ukranian photographer Paraska Plytka Horytsvit.Model posing in black and white Robedjer Agave symbol caftan.

Watch Tessa and Melanie try on the new Rodebjer pieces here!

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