Brand Spotlight: Delfina Balda

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Perfectly dramatic details, muted colors, and oversized silhouettes—that’s right, we’re highlighting Argentinian designer, Delfina Baldasarre’s brand, Delfina Balda. When we hear the word “details” we might think of delicate buttons or handmade knits, but Baldasarre’s philosophy is less about the small and more about the statement. Stacking garments with layered tulle hems, rope belts, and chunky hardware, you’ll find Baldasarre focuses on being bold. In addition to these details, she has a penchant for exaggerated and, sculptural profiles; surprisingly flattering considering draped in excess fabric, Baldasarre provides us with comfortable garments that don’t make us feel like we’re drowning.

Baldasarre utilizes top quality fabric to complete their looks, each natural fiber and material is mindfully chosen before a collection is even sketched. Every design is uniquely inspired by the fabrics themselves. Once the fabric and color palette have the right feel “feel right” for the line, Baldasarre begins the process of quick, abstract sketching; these abstract sketches ultimately inspire the silhouette of the final garment. In an interview with the New York Times, Baldasarre says, “I will always think as a psychoanalyst does and the theories that I believe in will always be with me whenever I am conceptualizing a collection,” she goes on to explain that the process of creation is an effort of her subconcious. Having walked the path from psychoanalyst to fashion designer, we believe it is this exceptional transformation that leads us to say, “Oh, that’s very Delfina.”

Baldasarre’s past career has led her to create garments completely unlike the brands we have grown used to seeing, making each and every garment part of her story. For those of us who desire bold, sophisticated, and comfortable style, your calls have been answered by the designs of Delfina Balda.

Photos from Brand Assembly

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