M x Matthildur

Soft and sensual Peruvian fabrics meet the fresh and flowing style of Iceland. Matthildur Halldorsdottir feels that the boundaries between clothing and the body are becoming increasingly blurred. Silk, Linen, Royal alpaca and Pima cotton from her adopted home of Perú always feel comfortable. Their delightful and intricate texture creates clothes that are easy to move around in. Clothes for passionate and active women who live in the moment.   

Icelandic by birth, Matthildur travelled the world before settling in Perú. Her draw to clothing followed artistic endeavors in drama therapy and dance as well as holistic studies, and she cofounded Elm Design 14 years ago. Realising that clothing can play a valuable role in creating the best possible image of oneself, Matthildur envisions timeless casual wear that makes women feel confident and empowered. A wardrobe for the modern woman; versatile and elegant, practical but luxurious and smart yet understated.  

Joining the current Slow Fashion philosophy, MATTHILDUR works with small producers to support the development of local business and establish a human relationship with the garment makers, while using local material and resources whenever possible. Her designs always respect the spirit, sense and sensibility of a woman.