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Aumorfia is not an actual word, it’s a notion invented to convey the “space” between the Greek words “ομορφιά” (beauty) and “αμορφία” (without shape). To enclose the beauty of an object that despite its strict geometrical character, keeps transforming, flows with the human motion and adopts a series of forms and shapes, acting as an intimate part of the body, an extension of garments.

Our main principal is to approach leather accessorizing in a minimal, architectural way. Clear lines, sharp cuts, smooth leather surfaces and geometrical synthesis. We want the final result to reflect elegance and sophistication with an underlying occultism.

With consistency to ethical fashion, we work with vegetable tanned leathers from Greek tanneries, we collaborate with Greek craftsmen, using local made materials and produce everything in Greece by hand in our two workshops in Athens and Ionian islands, always focused on offering original and qualitative design.

Aumorfia addresses cultivated, up to date and demanding audience, consisting of sophisticated, uncompromising, venturous individuals. We respect and embrace this individuality.

Aumorfia is a project of Theano Ravazoula-Potamianou, an interior and graphic designer with a deco-stylist background in interior design and lifestyle magazines and campaigns.

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