Wardrobe Foundations

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At any given time Idlewild will have a few iterations of the White Button Down Shirt. Articles of clothing like the white button down have a place in every person's wardrobe, regardless of their signature style. Wardrobe staples provide us with tried and true outfit options which can come in handy when we're in a pinch for time, or just can't decide what to wear one morning.

Scroll through the following guide to see what we've chosen!

Chain Necklace - A chain necklace like the Loop Link by Mulxiply is a great accessory to elevate an outfit or simply wear everyday. Super classic, never out of style, and this one is made to last.

A good straw hat - The Davie Fedora in rafia by Janessa Leone is super versatile in style and can be worn through most of the year. Hats are not only stylish but have the added bonus of function in the form of sun protection!

A Silk Scarf - The silk scarf can be worn in a multitude of ways; either on the head as a hair scarf, around a ponytail, around the neck bandana style, or folded and worn as a choker. The versatility of the silk scarf makes it an ever-valuable wardrobe addition. The simple yet bold design of the Joanna coupled with the white and navy color way make this a must-have.

The Classic White Button Down - Whether oversized or form fitted, you can't go wrong with this style. Tuck it, tie it, belt it, the options are endless! Idlewild always has a few iterations in store to fulfill all of your style needs.

A neutral pant (or skirt) by Pleats Please is another no-brainer. They're a breeze to clean and travel incredibly well. Dress up with a fun blouse and heels or down with a basic tee and sneakers.


These are the must-haves! Stay tuned for our next foundational wardrobe guide where we'll be highlighting more necessary pieces!


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