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So, let's say you just won your bid on Everything But the House's Cincinnati Small Business Relief: Uncommon Experiences, Idlewild Virtual Shopping Party!

Congrats! You and your friends have just won Idlewild’s Virtual Shopping Party hosted by Tessa Clark of Project Runway Season 17 and you couldn’t be more excited! You can’t wait to invite 7 of your besties to join you in this unique experience, and you want to make sure to let them know what to expect so you...wait...what should you expect? How does a virtual shopping party work? What makes this opportunity so amazing? Let us explain...

What is a virtual shopping party anyway?

Before you virtually arrive in store, you and each of your friends will be sent an online survey to fill out that will allow Tessa to begin personalizing the experience to exactly who is attending. From sizing to body types to personal style, this survey will guide Tessa as she begins pulling together garments and looks tailored specifically to you and your friends. When you log-in Tessa will greet you with prosecco in hand (so get your drink ready too) and the party will begin! She will walk you through the store, detailing fabrics and fits and sharing behind the scene details of designers, brands and how she decides what brands to stock from shopping during New York Fashion Week. She'll also share stories of her time on Project Runway. From there, Tessa will begin showing you the looks she has put together for you and your friends! She'll explain how to dress for your body type, how to style pieces together to take an outfit from day to night, and how to be adventurous with your style.

And hey, it's a party so there will be lots of conversation and fun!

Along the way you and your friends will be interacting, asking questions, getting personalized style tips and no doubt laughing throughout! At the end of the event, Tessa will put together personalized collections with the shoes and garments discussed throughout the party. Then you can add or remove items and apply your special 20% discount code to purchase! She'll ship out your selections the following day and you'll soon have a few new pieces in your wardrobe.

Wow! You've got some seriously lucky friends!

So, gather your friends and place your bid on this completely unique and wonderfully uncommon experience today and we will see you virtually in store soon!


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