Styling Tips: Bembien scarves

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Inspired by scenes from 1970’s coastal France, Yi-Mei Truxes brought us Bembien, her line of silk scarves and woven handbags. Production is done by artisans in a weaving community in Bali; a percentage of each purchase is donated back to the community. When you carry a Bembien bag the salty air, sandy beaches, and warm coastal sun follow you wherever you go!

Each scarf is 100% silk twill, and features a different mod-style print. There are so many creative ways one can go about styling a scarf, and so many different styles that can be achieved. We've compiled a few of our favorite styling examples here to help inspire you!

Look 1: 
The traditional bandana look! This pairs well with a simple outfit – think classic white tee and Mother denim – or as a cute casual accessory to add onto an evening look! The bandana look gives MAJOR cool-girl-vibes, especially when paired with Carla Colour sunnies.

Short haired woman wearing a navy Bembien bandana, black Carla Colour sunglasses, and red lipstick, standing in front of a black wooden fence.

Look 2:
Hair accessory! Similar to the bandana look this styling is super classic but gives off a sweeter “Hollywood Starlet” vibe especially when paired with this sweet Flynn blouse. Pick your styling based on the mood of the day!

Woman pictured against a white brick backdrop wearing a navy blue silk Bembien scarf, red lipstick, and a white Ulla Johnson blouse.

Look 3: 
The face covering! As we continue to mask up when we're out and about, the silk scarf is a cute fashion-forward way to “style” our less glamorous masks.

Woman pictured wearing a navy silk bandana as a face mask, and black Carla Colour sunglasses, against a black wooden fence.

Look 4:
Lastly, the hair bow! Silk scarves combat frizz, making them the best choice for hair accessories. Perfect for those times when you've forgotten your hair tie at home!

Person facing away from the camera with both arms up, against a white background, a silk Bembien scarf adorns their hair.

There are many other ways to style these luxurious silk scarves, we can't wait to see how you style yours!

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