Styling: Packable Outfits

Posted by Sarah Evans on

Whether you're a new follower of Idlewild, or you've been here for a while, we're certain you've become familiar with how fond we are of Pleats Please! Each staff member is eager to explain why exactly we love it as much as we do. When a customer isn't familiar with the brand we always follow our comments up with, "We all own at least one piece." The technology behind the Pleats Please line is responsible for the long list of benefits, or bonuses, the garments come with. Today we're chatting specifically about how wonderfully easy it is to travel with Pleats Please garments!

Whether you're taking an overnight flight or a quick weekend getaway, the best thing you could pack is a dress, or a whole look, from Pleats Please. Benefits include wrinkle-proof, no static, and fantastically easy care instructions (making it easy to wash in say, a hotel bathroom sink in a worst-case-scenario situation). Any piece that catches your eye will be the perfect wardrobe addition for anyone who travels frequently and appreciates having a change of clothes for post-flight wear.

Sometimes, a single day requires more than one outfit change. Sometimes you're running from the store to a patio to see friends. It's useful to have something cute on hand, but carrying a second outfit can be bulky and annoying.

To round this outfit out, The Ballet Flat in black by Modern Weaving roll up to fit into any bag. The Ballet Flats are functional but incredibly chic. Carry these with you to slip on after a day of traveling, or a night of dancing!


Still want to know more about Pleats Please? Check out the Brand Spotlight on the Idlewild Journal, or swing by the store and we're happy to chat away for hours about one of our favorite labels!

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