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If you told us that fashion would steal the show at this Inauguration, we wouldn’t have believed you. Given the tumultuous four years we’ve just come to the end of, little time was spent thinking about what the attendees might wear on this day Though, as it turned out, those in attendance were dressed for the occasion and set the scene for the next administration's story, through the use of fashion.

From designers, to color choices, and even production origin, representation was diverse and calculated. Perhaps the most notable trend being the purple, representing unification, donned by the likes of the stunning Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Kamala Harris. Emerging designers saw a lot of love; specifically Black designers Sergio Hudson and Christopher John Rogers, and American designer Alexandra O’Neill. Classic and timeless looks by Ralph Lauren were favored by Barack Obama, and Joe Biden.

The inauguration was nothing short of a fashion event. While some may dislike the perceived frivolity of putting a focus on clothing during such “unprecedented times”, the quiet symbolism seen on Wednesday gives us great hope for the character, and intentions, of the administration to come. Now, we might share a collective sigh of relief, and spend some time admiring the history that was made, the ceilings that were shattered, and our most favorite outfits from the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Co-Owner Julie Clark was starstruck by Lady Gaga’s look!

“I loved Lady Gaga’s dress. The skirt was over the top! And her lapel pin was gorgeous and AWESOME, and it looked handmade! Also I loved Amanda’s look, but was so fixated on her words that what she wore was secondary."
Lady Gaga is pictured linking arms with a US service member. She is wearing a red skirt, navy blue blouse, and white headpiece. Her blouse is adorned with a golden  brooch featuring a dove carrying an olive brand

Style Associate Kelly says simply, “Michelle Obama, duh!” and Idlewild Co-Owner Jessica agrees,

“I thought Michelle looked breathtaking! Her entire look was flawless from head to toe!!”

Idlewild Manager Tessa says,
“Amanda Gorman. The golden yellow Prada coat, the headband... the entire vibe she gave off! I also really appreciate that VP Harris and Dr. Biden selected unconventional, emerging designers for their looks. Finally, Bernie! A true minimalist, and outfit repeater. Plus, the story behind his gloves makes me smile.”
Black poet Amanda Gorman is pictured, gesturing to the crowd as she performs a poem. She is wearing a yellow Prada coat, and a bright red headband. Her hair is in braids and adorned with gold accessories.Vice President Kamala Harris is pictured wearing a purple coat and dress, pearls, black gloves, and a black mask. She is standing attentively with her hands clasped in front of her.
Senator Bernie Sanders is pictured sitting down wearing a blue surgical mask, a brown winter coat, and wool mittens. He is sitting in a metal folding chair, looking apathetic.
Bernie’s outfit repeating, love for local designers, and functional attire are ALL total wins in our book!
Style Associate Ashley says,
“Ella Emhoff!! The coat, the outfit, the platform combat boots. Highschool Ashley would have shown up wearing the same thing. Masculine with a femenine edge? Perfection!”
Style Associate and Journal Contributor Sarah agrees,
“I can’t say Ella Emhoff looks ‘straight off the runway’ because it looks like she’s on one! I’m so excited to see future looks from Ella as her time in the spotlight continues."
Ella Emhoff is pictured walking into the inauguration wearing her hair in a low bun with a black headband, a plaid coat, a black KN95 mask, and black combat books. She appears to be smiling under her mask.
Style Associate Melanie elaborates on her love for Michelle’s look,
“Michelle was amazing! She embodied a strong powerful woman in the monochrome suit. I also loved the fact that several of Joe's granddaughters went the same direction with their monochrome looks, proving fashion is ageless!
Joe and Dr. Jill Biden are pictured with their grandchildren on the day of the inauguration.
We are excited to see what's in store for this new administration, and look forward to the strength and unity they plan to bring to our country!

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