Brand Spotlight: Sinobi

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“An orthopedic shoe brand on a mission to spread health consciousness.” 

SINOBI is a line of shoes created at the intersection of fashion, sustainability, and orthopedic medical approaches. The brand was founded in 2019 when Alexander Vernik and Shushan Pambukhchyan teamed up to imagine a footwear brand that boasted environmental consciousness while taking health into account. The two conducted research and development with leading experts and hundreds of participants over a span of 10 months in order to create their universal insole. That universal insole is featured in each pair of Sinobi heels, slides, and sandals. By indulging in the comfort and practicality of a Sinobi shoe, the designers hope to introduce the wearer to a new philosophy;

“A simple way of walking, thinking and living.”

Their inspiration is drawn from various aspects of Japanese culture and samurai philosophy.

The brand's very first style, The Geta, is directly inspired by traditional Japanese Geta footwear. Most notable for soles elevated by two "teeth" and featuring a thong toe strap. The wide and geometric footbed contributes to optimal comfort, and makes a strong geometric and architectural statement not seen in many other modern shoe designs at the moment.

Each pair in the collection is made in Ukraine using materials such as metal-free leather, leather wastes, natural rubber, and EVA and water-based adhesives.

There is no longer a need to make compromises between comfort, fashion, and sustainability. Brands like Sinobi are making their own rules and bringing their own designs to the realm of eco-conscious fashion. They aim to present and foster a new perspective within each wearer through the medium of shoes. 

The Mono in White make a bright statement, and are easy to slip on and off all summer long.

The Light in Black are the ideal casual shoe for any occasion. The soft padded leather thong strap and universal sole make them an infinitely more comfortable option when compared to regular flip flop sandals. Pair these with your favorite Pleats Please dress for a comfortable yet elevated look.

The Mono in Black features the two teeth sole inspired by the Geta shoe's structure. With a single padded leather strap, and the signature boxy sole, these slides will land compliments all summer long. Idlewild carries the mono style in White and Black.

The Round in Black are an even softer, more luxurious upgrade from the Light in Black. They're called Cloud Sandals (and they're trending!) for a reason!

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