Idlewild Women: Meet the Team

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All of the women behind Idlewild are a collection of fierce and passionate #bossbabes (including the owners) who all bring individual personalities and creativity to the store. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing each member of our Idlewild family in more detail so you can get to know us and why we love doing what we do. Today, we want to give you a quick overview of our four primary in-store associates and stylists so you can put a face with a name. As we share more, you will see personalized picks by each of these amazing women and hear from them about why they love certain pieces, how they style them and more! So, let’s meet the team! 

Tessa Clark | store manager, buyer, and all around style maven

If you’ve been into Idlewild then you know Tessa, as she is the true face of our store. Yes, she did an amazing job on Project Runway Season 17 (she made it through every challenge, to the top 5!), and yes, she is the creative director and designer of a sustainable brand that is produced here in Cincinnati called Grind and Glaze (sold in store!) but what you probably know her best for is her ability to suggest a garment for your body type that you wouldn't have considered for yourself. There's a running joke with some of our clients that the Idlewild slogan should be, "Dammit, Tessa!" because she's usually spot on when suggesting new styles. She is incredibly talented at understanding every body type and figure, something she learned through her education in Fashion Design at DAAP, and through years of styling. Tessa describes herself as, “creative, blunt, and perceptive” and we couldn’t agree more (although, we might replace blunt with lovingly honest)!


ASHLEY | long time customer turned sales associate and Mother denim fanatic

Ashley walked into Idlewild the first time as a woman in her mid-thirties, looking for a dress for an event, and after working with Tessa, she walked out with a new outlook on fashion, the industry, and how to shop within her value system, and she’s never looked back! Ashley has a true passion for helping customers look and feel their best and is always there to cheer you on with body positivity. She knows how to fit a curvy body, as she inhabits one herself, and loves to help people find the perfect and sometimes surprising fit. Ashley says about working at Idlewild, “I love how supported I am and how I can bring my full self to work. My ideas, thoughts and input are valued and celebrated. I feel cared for and from that environment I feel like I get to pass that care on to customers. I love celebrating everyone who comes in and helping them connect with their body in loving ways through style.”



CAMILLE | sales-associate and innovative stylist

Camille is a multi-dimensional creative who puts her styling skills to use at Idlewild in a myriad of ways. Not only do we benefit from her keen eye for fashion and intuitive ways to style and re-style pieces, but she styles many of our flat-lay outfit pairings. With a love for street fashion, Camille is always there to help you figure out how to best wear a garment for your body, and then will show you how to wear it another way, and another! She is the queen of, “Have you tried it backwards?”. You will also notice the intentional love and care with which Camille treats the garments, from arranging them thoughtfully in your fitting room to how she gently packages your purchases. Working with Camille makes your Idlewild trip a true experience in self-care and compassion. She truly elevates your time with us from a shopping trip to an experience. Camille describes Idlewild as “thoughtfully curated, and welcoming” and Camille is definitely a reason why both those things are true!



Sarah Evans | sales associate, freelance model, and wardrobe minimalist

As soon as you walk in you will immediately be drawn to Sarah. With her welcoming smile and gentle speaking voice she knows exactly how to make sure everyone who walks into Idlewild knows that they belong here. As an active member of the fashion community here in Cincinnati (she's a model!), Sarah knows how to style Idlewild pieces with your current wardrobe staples, and knows a lot about our designers and brands. When asked who her style icon is, Sarah replied, “Honestly, my coworkers at Idlewild. Each person has a specific style that I’m inspired by!” And we say that right back at you, Sarah! But that’s a part of what makes Sarah such an incredible member of the Idlewild family — when working with Sarah you will feel cared for, seen, and inspired and you’ll leave feeling good about how the item you just purchased will fit into your wardrobe.


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