Brand Spotlight: Wal & Pai

Posted by Sarah Evans on

Wal & Pai is an LA-based progressive footwear brand that blends high-end fashion with the comfort of street-wear. There are so many things we love about this brand, and comfort is absolutely at the top of that list! When you are trying on a pair of Wal & Pai shoes, you will immediately notice the feel of the soft (by-product) leather and the cushioned soles that envelope your feet. We love that the more you wear your Wal & Pai shoes, the more they mold to your feet. One of our core clients once described her favorite Wal & Pai Formosa Slide by saying that, “they feel like you are walking on a cloud!”

Along with comfort we love that the designer, Harel Waldman, started Wal & Pai with the intent of bringing sophisticated, high quality, mid-priced shoes to the market. So it’s no wonder that he is one of our favorite people to meet with on our buying trips, and Wal & Pai never disappoints both in quality and in their minimal yet striking details that are completely unique to them. Wal & Pai shoes are the comfortable luxury shoe you can afford without feeling like you’re settling for less. Waldman said in an interview, “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices is forgotten.”  This really resonates with us as we deeply believe in investing in timeless pieces that you will love and wear for years!

So, come in and try on your first pair or your fourth-- we know you will love Wal & Pai as much as we do!

wal and pai

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