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Brand Spotlight: V::room

Posted by Sarah Evans on

V::room was launched in 2004 in New York City, with the intent to bring basic wear of the highest construction quality to the mainstream market. The mission behind the brand is to “create clothing for which the authenticity and integrity of the brand is obvious in each piece.” Their collections of casual sophisticated basics are enhanced by uniquely finished fabrics. Each design holds its own in scenarios ranging from the low-key to the formal.

Acknowledging that fashion is more than just simple manufactured goods, V::room made it a point to utilize alternative luxury fabrics. Using cloth blends that are not yet commonplace such as cotton/cashmere, silk/cashmere, silk/cotton, and silk/cashmere is what sets their collections apart from other basicwear lines. Their distinctive process of deliberately washing fabrics after applying four needle flat seams, creates a raised effect that stands as the brands signature. These subtle details stick out against the otherwise minimal garments.

V::room works double duty to provide casual basics that easily complement avant-garde clothing or leisurely denim. Their desire to produce elevated wardrobe staples is the foundation of the brand, each piece produced is a reflection of their philosophy and intentions.

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