Brand Spotlight: Mulxiply Jewelry

Posted by Sarah Evans on

Produced in Nepal by artisans and makers, Mulxiply was brought to life by Tanja Cesh in 2010. After 20 years in fashion, design, and activism Tanja saw the potential to create dignified employment options for people being targeted by predatory employers in developing areas.

Mulxiply is an incredibly transparent brand, providing customers with their detailed backstory and inspirations, and spotlighting the experts who hand make each purse, shirt, and piece of jewelry. Each and every item is created in a way that honors the artisan, the heritage, and their craft. Jewelry is hand-forged, bags are hand-felted and cotton for shirts is hand-loomed. Artisans are respected and admired in their communities for carrying on these ancient practices of production. Obvious influence from current trends is blended with this handicraft to create pieces that are relevant, timeless, and built to last.

Idlewild currently features pieces from Mulxiply’s latest collaborations which include jewelry and a few articles of clothing. The Shirtdress and Shirt are both made of hand loomed cotton, and feature hand-stitched details and hand-carved coconut shell buttons. The professional ability of the makers from these collaborations can be seen in the details and the collection as a whole.

Mulxiply has a story, a purpose, and a drive. Not only existing to create modern accessories, but using ancient techniques passed down over generations to bring their designs to life and essentially uplift makers, helping them enhance their own communities.

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