Brand Spotlight: Kamaro'an

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One could speculate that a key philosophy of the accessory brand Kamaro’an might be, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. While most manufacturing practices used to produce fashion move full speed ahead towards modern technological advances, Kamaro’an fully embraces artisanal handcrafted techniques; particularly those of the indigenous Taiwanese people from where their studio is located. The Kamaro’an studio is based in Hualien, Taiwan, where each of their products are created by artisans from the village of Pangcah. The practical weaving techniques used in each new piece originates from the everyday objects used by the people of Pangcah.

Kamaro'an artisan

Kamaro'an artisan leather work

Once regulations forbade the collection of rattan, Kamaro’an pivoted to the use of vegetable tanned leather, a durable material that closely mimicks the strength and texture of traditional rattan. Naturally-occuring materials such as canvas and this vegetable tanned leather are featured in each piece for their durable, lightweight qualities. These fabric choices also lead to an accessory that ages and patinas uniquely with time.

Leather strips prepped for weaving

Kamaro'an artisan weaving leather

The form and quality of these objects is very visually impactful. Each piece catches, and holds, the eye. The artisanal production leads to a unique style that stands out from the trendy, modern accessories we’re so used to seeing now. As we creep towards a more automated and technologically advanced world, Kamaro’an believes that handcrafted items will be cherished even more now and into the future.

Person with long black hair pictured holding an ivory Kamaro'an bag against a neutral backdrop.

Photo of person from the hips down wearing a brown outfit, carrying a small black linen Kamaro'an bag.

Kamaro'an fits the bill for anyone who is looking for the perfect accessory to hold their every day carry. These practical pieces stand out due to their unmatched quality, yet fit seamlessly within any and all classic wardrobe settings. 

Kamaro'an canvas bags on a Parisian church

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