Brand Spotlight: Janessa Leoné

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Janessa Leoné founded her brand in 2013, a few years after finding her dream hat in a tiny vintage boutique in Paris. This one hat caused the spark that lit the fire; Janessa realized the niche of the fashion world she could occupy with fashionable, affordable hats made using traditional millinery techniques and luxury materials.

The material's utilized within each new collection are chosen thoughtfully and intentionally to achieve certain outcomes such as durability, sun protection, and breathability. Naturally occurring fibers such as raffia straw, 100% wool, and leather, are preferred for their intrinsic durability and functionality.

Straw is sourced from Ecuador and then handwoven in JL's factories, taking around 8-10 hours to produce a single hood. The hoods are then cut and shaped into their chosen final designs. No two hats are ever the same due to handwoven techniques and natural dyeing processes.

Their most innovative design yet is their line of packable straw. Straw is weaved with a durable fiber at its core to create a hat that can be packed for up to one day, fully retaining its shape once unpacked. The packable hat is the perfect solution for any and all beach travelers. The Andy hat in black, pictured below, is suitable for year-round wear and travel due to it's minimal and classic design.



The Ruby hat in Black is a structured hat designed with clean, dramatic lines, a wide brim, and tall crown. This style is absolutely striking, an appropriate addition to any modern, minimal look, any time of the year.

 We love this brand’s sophisticated pieces and their focus on timeless, minimal designs that are both unique and classic.

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