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Brand Spotlight: Filosofia

Posted by Sarah Evans on

Create more sustainability within the fashion industry, design seasonless multifunctional garments fit for every day wear, lead the collective towards implementing these principles within their own brands: it is out of these requirements that the brand Filosofia was born in 2015. Each collection is shaped by these guidelines which Filosofia’s foundation was structured upon. Designs feature leisurely, unembellished garments complimented by classic silhouettes, all carved from carefully selected fabrics. 

Based in Los Angeles, production takes place in the U.S.A. and South Korea. Their approach to sustainable fashion aims to prioritize the wellbeing of people and the environment through the ethical treatment of people within the supply chain and utilization of natural fibers. A great deal of thought is put into choosing materials, such as linen and tencel, to ensure that the end result leads to beautiful, functional, expertly crafted clothing. The work to build an ethical and sustainable brand is never finished, and Filosofia notes that their processes are always being honed, which is something we really admire about their ethics.

Filosofia aims to push us towards a more loving and conscientious world using their brand as the platform. They are truly the antidote to wasteful fast fashion with garments geared towards every modern woman who desires practical, contemporary style, ready to withstand years of wear and continue to bring joy throughout the lifetime of the garment.

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