Brand Spotlight: Demmy

Posted by Sarah Evans on

Demmy Donguk Kyoung is a South Korean designer based in Toronto, Canada. Kyoung designs garments for his namesake brand that are meant to compliment the body wearing them; you wear the clothing, the clothing doesn’t wear you. The individual silhouette’s expressed by each garment are meant to take center stage, serving as one of the most important aspects of each design. To allow this idea to come through Kyoung exclusively utilizes the colors black, red, and white throughout his collections.

Production for Demmy is all done in studio, with most pieces featuring details traditionally seen as being “unfinished”. However, these unfinished details are not mistakes! The intention behind this method is to create pieces that will gracefully age with wear, and gain new character and charm along the way.

Each piece comes to us just in time for warmer weather. Airy 100% Italian linen fabric utilized in many of the items are the perfect functional, yet chic, solution for keeping cool during warm seasons. Horn buttons in contrasting colors serve as bold practical details. Though unmistakably modern Demmy also calls back to recognizable silhouettes with button downs, blazer-esque blouses, and traditional collars. The classic aspects are juxtaposed by the stark color palette, raw hems, and gauzy fabrics.

The perfect marriage of classic and modern, but still within the realm of “cool girl”, makes Demmy a staple that is finding its way into a wide range of wardrobes!

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