Black Lives Matter: A note from our Manager

Posted by Tessa Clark on

As many of you are aware, the community in which our storefront is located has been affected by rioting and looting. While our storefront did not sustain any damages, we put up plywood as a precautionary measure. We do not condone violence and we know that the damage in our community was not inflicted by the peaceful protestors walking our city. 

We strongly believe that Black Lives Matter, and we stand with and will continue to fight for racial justice.

We are actively compiling a list of resource links for ourselves and our followers to use to educate, petition, donate, etc. In no way is this a comprehensive list. Please let us know if there are any resources that we can add to this list. We encourage you to use and share these resources. We all have a voice. We need to use our voices and our votes.

One of the first small steps we are taking as a white-owned business:

For the month of June, Idlewild is committed to donating to MORTAR, a non-profit that aims to create diverse communities by enabling historically marginalized entrepreneurs to access the resources needed to start and run successful businesses.

MORTAR helps both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs build a comprehensive business canvas and learn the nuances of business management; The goal being to launch businesses that create jobs and circulate dollars locally.




Any orders made in the month of June that are paid for with gift cards purchased prior to June will not count towards June sales. The money used to buy those gift cards has already been deposited and will not show up in our June sales. We do not have any discount codes active on our website right now. Thank you for understanding.

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