Beauty and Strength: Jamila Mariama

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Marked by vibrant colors, sophisticated silhouettes, and decadent prints and textures, Jamila Mariama truly embodies the definition of its name, “a beautiful present from God.” Founder and creative director, Jamila Jones, oversees her designs from pattern-making to prints to construction. Maya Jones, her twin sister, brings wholesale, marketing, and styling expertise to the brand. The duo founded the brand in 2016 on the mutual desire to highlight the beauty and strength of women of color.

Art influenced the twins early on in life, with Jamila attending an art high school in Dayton, Ohio at age 16 and Maya becoming inspired by her sister's work. Jamila began fashion drawing, and then taught herself to sew in an effort to bring the outfits she was drawing to life.

Fast forward to college, when Jamila attended the Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning school at The University of Cincinnati, where she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Fashion Design, and where Maya received a Marketing degree with a minor in Fashion Studies. After graduating, the twins then moved to New York City and began their career in the industry.

After being furloughed, due to the pandemic, from her full-time job designing for Macy’s, Jamila began making masks for her friends and family in her spare time. This led her to experiment with creating custom tie dye prints, and she quickly fell in love with the process. Soon after, she had the idea to design and sew hand-dyed masks and matching crop-top sets for her loyal clientele, all sewn in Brooklyn, small batch, and limited edition.

Whether the occasion be a casual Sunday morning brunch, or a warm night at a patio bar, we’ll be reaching for Jamila Mariama’s designs, and we look forward to seeing her future collections come to life. 

When looking at Jamila's designs, there's no question that designers Ulla Johnson and Mara Hoffman are two of her favorite designers. You can shop the matching sets exclusively on here.

Jamila (left) and Maya (right) by @jamesmjeter

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